Sunday, January 25, 2009 A Meeting Place for All Asians A Meeting Place for All Asians

Any Asian who is in search of romance and intimacy can freely sign up. What many people like about is that despite catering primarily to the Asian market, there are also site members who hail as far as the opposite shore of the Pacific Ocean. Thus, members have a wider option on who they want to befriend and get intimate with online.

This online dating site offers free membership with some very cool features.

Upon signing up, members who are at least 18 years of age can have free access to some of the most attractive profiles available on the web. They can rate the profiles based on its appeal. Also, members can see who’s online at any particular moment.

Members are also given the option to upgrade to a Premium Membership for a cheap monthly charge of $24.95.

Premium Membership offers
Premium members have the power to do a more advanced search for profiles.
In the advance search tab, members can indicate more specific qualities that they are looking for: physical looks, hobbies and leisure, personality, interests, and a lot more.
Premium members can view large photos of others. They can also view each other’s private compilation of ’stimulating’ photos in Shared Galleries.
Premium members can send as many emails as they want to other members; this is a process which can be the first step into meeting people. But take note that the site does not allow members to post email addresses and URLs in their email. Interaction can also only be done within the dating site.


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